Comment Policy

This blog offers views on sexuality, feminism, fandom, costuming, politics, and anything else that I feel is important enough to post about.  If you feel strongly on these issues, do not hesitate to post, but keep in mind that this blog is intended as a safe space for all readers.  If your post contains potentially triggering content, please include a warning at the start of your post.

Comments are not moderated, but I reserve the right to delete comments.

Comments may be deleted if:
  • They consist of nasty personal attacks or racial/ableist/sexual/gender slurs
  • They contain threats or reveal another poster's personal information  
  • They grossly misrepresent or outright lie about another poster's argument
  • They attempt to derail the discussion, or continue to post derailing/inappropriate material after being warned

I will not discourage debate in the comments, and your posts will not be deleted simply because I disagree with your viewpoint.

With that said, posting a comment does not guarantee that I will reply.  I am not obligated to educate or debate with you, even if I have educated/debated on that particular point before. 

I will not engage in debate on the following topics:

  • Justifying a/homo/bi/pan/poly/demi/grey/etc. sexualities as a legitimate orientation, or justifying transgender/genderqueer/gender fluid identities
  • Justifying abortion/funding for Planned Parenthood/birth control
  • Justifying an asexual's right to identify as queer
  • Justifying gay marriage
  • Justifying vegetarianism/veganism
  • Justifying feminism/patriarchy/rape culture
  • Justifying my decision to put my cat in a Batman costume
  • Justifying my decision to point and laugh at my cat in a Batman costume

You may think that it is unfair of me to set limitations on the discussion, which is fine.  You may post angry comments about my Draconian ways on your own web space or anyone else's.  You may burn me in effigy or create detailed videos explaining all the ways in which I am Satan or Hitler, or both.  But on my blog, I have the final word.
If I use terminology or mention concepts unfamiliar to you, please check my blog's Resources page.  If you can't find the answer in the links provided there, please post a comment to ask.