Monday, February 6, 2012

Lady Gaga is the Devil in A Meat Dress. Only Not.

If you are not aware of the controversy that is Lady Gaga and the gay community, the above pictures may illicit nothing more than a "Huh, that was a little passive-aggressive."  Or, if you really don't care, just a "huh."

Well, thank god that the Internet is here to teach you the error of your ways.  What may seem like two simple pictures taken from an interview are actually yet more proof that Lady Gaga is nothing but a poser who exploits the gay community to make money.  Who declares herself Queen of All the Queers and then refuses to answer any criticism regarding her self-imposed role.  This is the final nail in the coffin which proves Gaga is a cold-hearted megalomaniac who is in it for nothing more than the fame and the money.

And luckily, the Internet will also teach you how to respond to such evil!

lol here's straight white ~champion of the gays~to the rescue again -

Yeah!  That bitch, exploiting queers to market herself and - wait, she's bisexual?  Whatever, she's probably just making that up.

I've said it before and I will say it again. Lady Gaga is a fuckin poser. - thetemperamentalgoat

 She's such a poser!  That's why she started a foundation to help young people!  And why she met with the president to speak about preventing bullying!  Because she's a poser!

fuck you fuck you fuck you oh my god fuck off im gonna shit on you lady gaga -
oh wow what a cunt -

she’s such a twat. she doesn’t give a fuck about the gay community she’s a complete fake. -

I feel those last three speak for themselves.

Still, a few jerks on the Internet don't change the facts.  Gaga had the audacity to declare herself mascot and representative of all gays everywhere, and now that she's facing the inevitable backlash, she's trying to make herself into an unappreciated martyr.

Only when has she ever said that she speaks for everyone in the community?  When has she ever called herself a mascot?

Because judging by my Google searches ("Lady Gaga says she represents all gays," "Lady Gaga claims to represent all gays," "Lady Gaga says she speaks for all gays," "Lady Gaga claims to speak for all gays," "Lady Gaga calls herself gay mascot," and "Lady Gaga claims to be gay mascot") and her Wikipedia page, she hasn't.  I've found a lot of groups that dislike Gaga saying that she calls herself a representative/mascot/etc., but I have yet to find a quote from her that makes any such claims.  I mean, you would think a quote like that would get thrown around a lot among her dissenters.  But I can't seem to find one.  Strange.

Is it calling herself "Mother Monster"?  Because that's a nickname that applies to her fanbase, the Little Monsters, who are not all queer and certainly don't make up the entire LGBTQ community.  Is it the goddess story in the video for Born This Way?  Because if her music video storylines are going to be taken literally, doesn't that mean she's also a nun (Alejandro) who was pushed off a balcony by her boyfriend (Paparazzi) before going on a killing spree (Telephone) and then turning into a mermaid (You and I)?  Is it the Lady GayGay T-shirts?  Because it's the Westboro Baptist Church that came up with that phrase.

In my search, I did manage to find an interview with Gaga in which she stated quite clearly [bolding mine]:

I would say that I am just part of the voice, and it is never wrong to speak up in the defense of love, in the defense of unity, in the defense of togetherness.  And, uh, I have always had gay friends and I have been very, very rooted in the gay community since I was young, and I feel a moral obligation to defend my fanbase and to make the world a better place, and if some people don't want to be defined by me as their mother, that's, that's wonderful.  I don't view it in that way.  I view it as me, as part of the generation.  Not as the leader. - Lady Gaga

That interview, incidentally, was the same one from which the images at the top of the page were created.  In fact, it was that very question:

It's funny, the things you learn when you're not taking quotes out of context.

But wait!  She said she has gay friends!  That is exactly the sort of bullshit straight people use to cover their homophobic asses and - wait, she's still bi?  Oh come on, that's totally made up.  It's fine to erase someone's identity if you disagree!*

Now granted, Lady Gaga does have some dumb fans (What celebrity doesn't?) who scream at anyone who dislikes Lady Gaga or her brand of activism about how ungrateful they are and how much Gaga has done for the community, because apparently it's not okay to dislike things that other people like.  But I've yet to see a quote from Gaga demanding that same recognition.

What I have seen is the woman herself say that she is not the leader of the community, and that if people don't want to identify with her, that's fine.  I've seen her start the Born This Way Foundation to help troubled youth and I've seen her appeal to the president to put an end to bullying.  I've seen her encourage constituents to tell their representatives to vote against Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  I've seen her raise an estimated $500,000 for Haiti's reconstruction relief fund, and I've seen her design Japanese Prayer Bracelets and donate the revenue to Japan after the earthquakes.  I've seen her work with MAC Comestics to make Viva Glam Gaga lipstick, the proceeds of which went to MAC's HIV and AIDS campaign (the total on that was over $202 million).  I've seen her encourage safe sex and say that there's no shame in being celibate or a virgin, which, to my asexual self, is a message I greatly appreciate.  I have seen her make impassioned speeches for LGBTQ rights, and while I've never met her personally, those who have tell me that she's incredibly kind.

With that said, I'm not saying she's perfect.  I don't worship at the altar of Godga.  I think she's said and done some things that were stupid ("I - I'm not a feminist - I hail men, I love men.")** or cringe-worthy (the use of "Oriental" and "chola" in Born This Way).  But I do think it's incredibly unfair to criticize her for being annoyed at being asked what is probably the thousandth question about a role that she never put herself in, much as I think it's unfair to accuse her of lying about her sexuality or to claim that she couldn't care less about the groups she advocates for, simply because of disagreements with the way she advocates or markets herself.  And I find it incredibly idiotic to take one sentence out of context and use it to "prove" that she's a terrible person.

Lady Gaga, at least, promotes a message, albeit sometimes clumsily, of being true to yourself and your beliefs no matter what others say.  The detractors' message* seems to be that if you disagree with someone's method of action, it's all right to to twist their words, accuse them of lying, threaten their lives, or erase their identity.  I know which group I'd rather be in.

*I am aware that not everyone against Gaga disregards her identity/threatens her/etc.  But those that do are the ones I've seen reacting the loudest to "Oh here we go," and that's what my post was in reference to.
**In "Schiesse", Gaga refers to herself as a "blonde high-heeled feminist," so it appears her stance on feminism has changed.


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