Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Different Sort of Halloween Princess

Yesterday I attended classes as a princess.  An Amazon princess, to be exact.  Princess Diana of Themiscyra, better known in pop culture as Wonder Woman.

Why Wonder Woman?  A better question for me would be why not.  I love Wonder Woman.  She's brave, powerful, compassionate, and willing to kill to protect others while still always striving for peace first.  Plus she has an invisible jet.

That, and I thought her costume would be challenging to sew.
It was.

While dressed up as a superhero, I learned a number of valuable lessons, such as that one must always be prepared for battle.

Even in your own apartment.  

 That super villains lurk around every corner.

Even if they are soft and cuddly and sleeping at the foot of your bed.
But threats don't just come from villains.  Anyone could be after you, even your own family.

The golden lasso does restrain house cats, but just barely.
I also learned it takes a supreme amount of balance to walk around in those boots all day, and that if you're brave enough to leave the house in Wonder Woman's attire, and able to ignore cat calls, you will not only have an awesome day, but people will give you candy for your bravery.

All in all, Halloween rocks.


  1. AWESOMESAUCE! Wonder Woman was always MY favorite superhero. Rock on, gurlfren!

  2. Wonder woman is my favorite character in superheroes.Its costume is very attractive.